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The Hobbit Cast Interviewed at Comic Con  


You know you’re fucked the moment you decide to watch the whole filmography of an actor

21 Jul
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Reblog if you ARE a woman in STEM, SUPPORT women in STEM, or ARE STILL BITTER about Rosalind Franklin not getting credit for discovering the structure of DNA and the Nobel prize going to Watson and Crick instead.

21 Jul
Gallery 21 Jul


Now I really want Benedict to direct a music video. x

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Hot damn!


Benedict Cumberbatch to the rescue: How Sherlock saved the 2014 Oscars for Laura Dern

21 Jul


“The greatest experience you can have with your father is to have him at an awards (ceremony). Everybody’s in their outfits, everybody’s nervous … And he’s sitting there going, ‘Kid! Can you believe it? I’m 77 years old, I’m doing what I love and they invited me to their dinner party’. I said, ‘Isn’t that great dad?’ He said, ‘Now go get me a Coke!’

“I’m like, ‘It’s the middle of the Academy Awards! You can’t leave!’ He goes, ‘You can do it, just leave and go get a Coke’. ‘I’m not leaving dad.’

“Benedict Cumberbatch happened to be sitting next to me — I don’t know him at all — and he was like (adopts super-polite English accent), ‘Oh does your father need a Coke? I’ll get him a Coke …’

“So Benedict Cumberbatch went and got him a Coca-Cola, which I thought was so adorable. That Sherlock!”

One of the many reasons we love this man so much. He is such a giving and caring soul.

Benedict Cumberbatch to the rescue: How Sherlock saved the 2014 Oscars for Laura Dern