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SuperWho AU – Stairway To Heaven

└ When Amy Pond dies, she is sent upstairs.

“Where’s Rory?”

“Where’s Rory?”

“WhERE’s rORy?!”

“WHERE’S RORY????!?!?!”

*rips off shirt*

*flies into the sun*


Amelia Jessica Pond went asleep to the sound of bleeping machines.

She woke up to the whistle of the wind and the smell of lilacs. When she stood there was soft grass beneath her feet and a gentle breeze combing through her hair.

“Hello Amelia.” She turned to the voice behind her, gravely and deep and strangely comforting and only one thought came to mind when she asked herself where she was. (Despite the fact that she’d been to many worlds, some as pleasant as this.)

“Is this heaven?”

“Yes, it is,” the man replied, a slight smile gracing his face.

“Where’s Rory?” Amy asked, the strangest sense of wrongness suddenly clicking in her mind.

“Where he always is,” the man in the trench coat smiled. “Right behind you.”

Amy turned to find herself only a few inches away from Rory, and she quickly closed the gap by throwing herself into his arms.

“Amy.” He chuckled.

“Shut up,” she mumbled into his shoulder. “I missed your stupid face, Stupid Face.”

Amelia Pond went to sleep to the sound of whistling wind and the smell of lilacs every night, and she never woke up alone again.

did you just

take what was meant to be a sad post

and make it semi-happy?


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