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@SaraSoueidan: Dear men, This is how you greet a veiled Muslim woman (a Hijabi). Hand on your chest, not offering to shake hers. 🙋

so prominent BLM activist deray mckesson just retweeted this which i think is super cool for various reasons :)))

I did not know this. Is it OK for a non Muslim woman to shake hands with a Hijabi? Or do we do the hand on chest thing too?@popcanpoli

hey so i don’t wear a hijab and i’m not muslim so i definitely don’t have the authority to answer this question (or any other questions i’ve been getting abt this) (i’m just a lil canadian politics blog i didn’t expect this to blow up lol) 

BUT here are some tweets by the original tweeter (who wears a hijab) that clarify some things




This is also good if you’re meeting an Orthodox Jewish person who’s not the same gender as you!  Not all Orthodox Jews hold by this restriction, and many consider it a permissible exception to shake hands in a formal greeting context; I’d guess this is parallel to Ms. Soueidan’s last-quoted tweet above.  And as that says, the sensible thing is to wait for initiation.

learned something new. awesome

thank you for the education


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