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Congratulations. Parts of the UK are now 1930s Germany.

I… am really not comfortable with comparing this to 1930s Germany. If this is meant to say that this is “just like before the Holocaust,” I find the comparison really offensive. Because no, it isn’t. You know what would be just like before the Holocaust? If the primary targets were Jews and/or Romani. I’m getting really fucking tired of people comparing the Holocaust to everything.

Me, I’m okay with comparing it to 1930′s Germany, as both a Jew and as someone who has studied that period.  Because the same economic and social pieces are in place, and are being manipulated in the same way.  And when history repeats itself, it means WE DIDN’T LEARN THE LESSON THE FIRST TIME.

So hell yes I say call it out.  So it doesn’t end up in the same place, just with new names (as well as the old ones) for the next generation to sorrow over.

We can’t say “never again” only for ourselves.  We must say “never again” for everyone.

show up

pay attention

tell the truth


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