Image 25 Jun




Sometimes it’s just the way his eyes look, deep and fathomless

Like they know so much more than any others you’ve seen.

Sometimes it’s the arch of his brow above the clear blue of his eye

Like he’s asking a question you wish you had the answer to.

Sometimes its the play of the light on the contours of his face,

Or the way time in the sun brings his freckles to the fore,

Or the rough look of his stubble, at the end of a long day

That make you wish you could just once, and up close.

Always though,


It’s the heart and the mind that lay beneath and behind

These things you perceive

That pierce you ridiculously and leave you longing

For things you can never have.

(shameless reblog)

Thank you for reblogging! I hadn’t seen this before! It’s beautiful and perfect!


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