Image 25 Jun



I’d really like to know what the heck is going through the minds of the people who take some of the Sherlock Promo Pictures! ‘Let’s just have Sherlock stand on the end of a pier for no reason.‘

And what the heck was with this ‘Standing about randomly with a curtain, looking like I’m in a shower, but fully clothed, with my collar up and my cheekbones…’:

Whatever the heck is going on here:

Randomly on a bloody table!:

The Abba shot:

Pointing randomly/Looking pissed off:

Seriously whatever the heck is going on here:

Standing by the Thames looking moody with some bokeh:

Lots and Lots more random pointing!:

And the entirety of this ‘Looking like we’re an un co-ordinated boyband’ photoshoot:


It’s tough to reblog through the tears running down my face! LOL

Reblogging to share the giggles, which we all need these days…


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