Gallery 25 Jun





Benedict Cumberbatch getting ready to portray Smaug (x)

I’d quite like to play dot to dot on his face.

benedict with hairclips…

…I think my brain just exploded.

*rolls on the floor making strange high pitched noises and melting into a puddle of drool*


Not only is it super hot just looking at it with it being Benedict neutron cream all over again, only functional this time XD, but, but also it’s… it’s…

IT’S KHAN. *-* The hair and the black shirt and asdfghjkkl;; AAAHHHHH<333333

*breathes heavily, makes all manner of depraved fangirly noises at those pics*

….somehow I’m having mind images that this is something or another Marcus had Khan undergo after waking him up hahaha XD;;;;; That first pic of him with his eyes closed while they touch his face and hold it in place uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh fffffff *heat in the room rises drastically*  *—-* AHHHH!!!!!!

My mind is a swamp of Khan porn. *-*

The hair clip…I just can’t get over the hair clip…it’s too adorable! 😍😍😍😍


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