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this why my heart bad now

what is it?

Cinnamon and sugar on butter toast. Gotta make sure there’s enough butter to get your cholesterol levels higher than Colorado.

ive never heard of this in my life


this is crazy i thought this was just something my mom did like i feel betrayed. i thought she invented this

Every broke ass mom invented this since the beginning of time

my fam did this but with tortillas

The best way is to slap that toast under the broiler in the oven (or a toaster oven). The butter and sugar all melts and the sugar caramelizes like on top of a creme brulee.

That’s how my family always did it (and it’s the first thing I learned to “cook” on my own as a kid using a real oven), but apparently we’re the only people who do it that way. But it’s a bajillion times better. Trust me. You’re welcome.

My white Appalachian mountain country ass ate this all through the winter. My mom would mix the cinnamon and sugar and put it in a special shaker even.

dude yes. every winter man. i still crave this every now and then. if the butter wasn’t leaking through the other side you WERE DOING THIS SHIT WRONG

i had no idea that this was a “poor people” thing. i thought my mom invented it too! but now it makes sense to me because she grew up poor as fuck. 

the special shaker!! i still remember we had a shaker with a green label that had previously held something else but I don’t remember what it was.

idk how poor my mom really was growing up but they were a farming family with five kids so I’m guessing things were pretty tight. and it was a dairy farm so they always had a lot of butter.

Southern poor kid here, we made it by covering bread with butter and sprinkling sugar, then cinnamon on top and sticking it under the broiler, too. It, to me, is the best and only way to make cinnamon toast. I will make it forever. Had no idea it was a poor kid thing to do tho. 

This was basically breakfast every morning growing up (the other days it was pastina with butter and milk). We had a little orange tupperware container in the spice cabinet that was full of cinnamon sugar, and a tiny little pink plastic spoon that was the special cinnamon sugar spoon. I definitely though my mother invented this.

God now I want cinnamon sugar buttered toast!

uhhhhhhh i made cinnamon toast for myself for dessert just last week, bc there was nothing else sweet in the house.


Holy crap yes. My mum did this for me, too. Buttered toast, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar then toasted under the grill.

now the yummy way to eat this and tbh possibly i am entering myself for the running of like Whitest Thing Ever ™ is as milk toast, which is cinnamon toast served on a plate that has a good lip so that hot milk can be poured all over it. it’s still my comfort food. 

My mom still has the special shaker for the cinnamon sugar and on occasions when we want to get REALLY wild we make this with super sugary like cinnamon raisin bread. I guess that’s how you class up your poor people food when you’re not quite as poor anymore. 😀

I didn’t think this was a thing exclusive to my family but I didn’t realize it was a poor people thing either. I always assumed that this is why Cinnamon Toast Crunch exists as a cereal?

Grew up on it. Also grew up on plain white bread and butter with just sugar on it.

Gotta have the special shaker!

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