Video 25 Mar


It’s Payback Time | Channel 4

[ Karin says : ]         Those grey little bastards (pea-sized) inside my lungs have grown again, so from April 11th on, it’s once again    PAYBACK TIME    ! Chemotherapy treatment will start again, whilst I am on a full (for me) 35 hours-a-week work. Let’s see how this will work out. The last time I received chemotherapy in  September 2015, I was still in a recovering schedule by stages, only working 25 hours a week.

Anyway, I am sooooo looking forward to have medicaments-induced acne once again (so I have to apply make-up each day which I’d avoid otherwise), a sore mouth / aphthae / a reduced sense of taste, lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea,  inflamed mucosas, nose bleeds, torn cuticles, splintering nails, dry patches of skin which are hurting etc., etc., etc.

But the thought that those grey little bastards inside my lungs are going to be suffering / disintegrating / blowing up to full comical effect is extremely satisfying.


Sending you healing light and love!


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