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turing. another genius character. & another completely unique, poignant and iconic creation by BC…

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I just finished writing a short story to self-publish on Amazon. I just need to edit a million times, get someone better than me to edit it, Figure out what the fuck I am going to do for an e-book cover because I have ZERo artistic talent, and then come up with a title because a short story cannot be without a title.

I’d love to help, if I can. 

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An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [230/?]

Oh, hell…

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the Vortex at the centre generated by surrounding fans causes this light fabric to dance. 

work by Daniel Wurtzel


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An edit a day Benedict Cumberbatch - [76/?] [x]
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This is for sale now, here. It took an incredibly long time to create, so it’d be nice if it had a nice home!

Etsy is so confusing!


And the reason you wanted to rip out my heart and stomp on it?

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While I love John being really intuitive and knowing what Sherlock needs at any given time as much as the next person, I’m even more of a sucker for the concept of Sherlock learning that it’s okay to ask for help and that he deserves to receive it, like. Maybe he’s craving a hit or maybe his brain is just tearing itself to pieces, as you know it does sometimes. And him being able to speak up, John, my heads not a good place to be in just now.

And you know John would be by his side in a heartbeat, What do you need? And sometimes, Sherlock will ask to be held and cry into John’s jumper, without further explanation. And sometimes, he’ll be like Tell me why you love me and John will crawl onto the couch with him and whisper and kiss the answer into his skin. And sometimes, Sherlock will talk, maybe about good things that used to be and aren’t anymore and that he desperately misses. Or about terrible things that keep creeping up on him when it’s too quiet for too long. And sometimes, the answer will be I don’t know, I don’t know what I need, and John will just sit with him and kiss his fingertips and be still with him until he falls asleep.

And all these things will be given gladly and after a while, Sherlock won’t even doubt that fact anymore.

Damn you! I don’t even Johnlock, but this is beautiful.

Hah, well, welcome to my slice of hell then, may I offer you some snacks?

While I still am pushing for the true friendship plotline, at least I know that if Johnlock does happen, I’ll be happy with it, too. (It’s not that I don’t like the idea of Sherlock and John getting together, it’s just that I like the idea of showing that two men CAN have a deep, meaningful PLATONIC friendship.) Maybe it’s because I’m older, maybe because I read Sherlock Holmes years ago and never felt that ACD had an agenda, or maybe I just feel how unfair it is that men aren’t ALLOWED to have the kinds of close relationships that women have without EVERYONE ON THE DAMN PLANET labeling them, but I want this show to be the one to break that trope. However, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe men AREN’T wired like that, and they have no desire to have such a close emotional bond with another guy. I’m not being snarky, I honestly don’t know. Maybe I’m just seeing problems where they don’t exist. (Just once it would be nice to really like a show but NOT find myself re-examining my entire belief sysyem…) Oh, lord, I’ve created my own hell…