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31 Dec


reblog if it’s still 2015 where you live

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☐ Timothy Carlton in his dressing room during the run of Cause Celebre at The Old Vic Theatre (photo /Matt Humphrey) 2011.

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Q: How did it feel to speak the words “I’m The Doctor” for the first time? 

think about what a lovely year Benedict Cumberbatch had

31 Dec


  • married
  • Oscar nom
  • had kid
  • got CBE
  • played dream role

i’m just…so proud of my smol son. so proud. so many nice things. *wipes tear*

So proud and happy for him.

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See All The Incredible New Year’s Celebrations Around The World

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If he didn’t get into Juilliard, Adam Driver had a back-up plan.

Now THAT’S a plan!

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Benedict 2015 favorites, Part 2.  (x,x,x,x,x) (Part 1, Part 3)